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Brokenhearted addicted week 1

Week 1


Talk Show

Nick sits down with world experts who are working on the frontlines in the fight for the addicted. Hear their stories and learn how you can get involved today.

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Week 2


Learn from our Partners

Want to learn more and see how our partners are getting involved?
Solutions addicted week3

Week 3


Message from Nick

Listen to a message of hope from Nick directly to those who are struggling with addiction and the challenges of finding a way out.

Group 80

Week 4


Tools and Practical Help

Struggling with this issue? Check out our tools and resources that provide practical help.





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Never Chained Talk Show: Breaking the Chains of Sin| Nick Vujicic interviews Ron Brown

Nick Vujicic interviews Ron Brown on the topic of addictions. He is the Executive Director of Adult and Teen Challenge Southern California. Episode 111 dives into Ron’s experience bringing people out of their addictions through counseling and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Teen Challenge provides practical resources and solutions for family members who are being affected by those with an addiction.

As a part of our 2022 Champions for the Brokenhearted campaign, Nick will interview world experts on a new topic each month. For the month of August, we will highlight the addicted. Join us next week for a gospel message on this topic from Nick.

Adult and Teen Challenge:

Prayer Hotline: 1+ (888) 520-0620




Champions for the Addicted: A Message From Nick Vujicic

In the “Champions for the Addicted” message, Nick Vujicic speaks directly to the victims of those who have an addiction and offers a word of encouragement and compassion. If you are struggling with addiction, God loves you and He wants to speak to you today. If you are not already seeking help, we pray that today you would have the courage to make that step. You are not meant to walk this road alone. You need people who will love you and support you on this journey.

As a part of our 2022 campaign for Champions for the Brokenhearted each month, Nick offers hope and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


God is with you and will help you through ADDICTION, HABITS, AND SELF-CONTROL.

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