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Week 1


Talk Show

Nick sits down with world experts who are working on the frontlines in the fight for the bullied. Hear their stories and learn how you can get involved today.

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Week 2


Learn from our Partners

Want to learn more and see how our partners are getting involved?
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Week 3


Message from Nick

Listen to a message of hope from Nick directly to those who are struggling with bullying and the challenges of finding a way out.

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Week 4


Tools and Practical Help

Struggling with this issue? Check out our tools and resources that provide practical help.





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Never Chained Talk Show featuring Nick Vujicic: Be on Standby
In Episode 113 of the Never Chained Talk Show Nick talks about bullying, an issue that has been close to his heart for most of his life. In this impactful message Nick asks the important question: Are you a bystander or on standby? With bullying increasing daily as online presence increases, we’re reminded of the importance of standing up for the brokenhearted.


God is with you and will help you through THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE, CRISIS, AND DEPRESSION.

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