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Hope For The Disabled [Brochure]

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Week 1


Talk Show

Nick sits down with world experts who are working on the frontlines in the fight for the disabled. Hear their stories and learn how you can get involved today.


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Week 2


Learn from our Partners

Want to learn more and see how our partners are getting involved?
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Week 3


Message from Nick

Listen to a message of hope from Nick directly to those who are struggling with the challenges of life with disabilities.


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Week 4


Tools and Practical Help

Struggling with this issue? Check out our tools and resources that provide practical help.





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God Is Able: A Conversation with Joni Eareckson Tada & Nick Vujicic

The “Never Chained” Talk Show with Nick Vujicic – Episode 105 features Nick Vujicic in conversation with Joni Eareckson Tada, a world-renowned author, radio host, disability advocate, and the founder of Joni and Friends.

Joni repeats 10 words that changed her life. “God permits what He hates to accomplish what He loves.” In this interview, we dive into the joy and suffering of everyday life, including Joni’s own story, and how Jesus is the answer to it all. Join us for an honest, real, and humorous look into how God meets us in our greatest pain and suffering and the joy that can be discovered through life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We also discuss how the church can best serve those with disabilities and how we’ve learned to persevere through life’s greatest challenges. You don’t want to miss it!

As a part of our 2022 Champions for the Brokenhearted campaign, Nick will interview world experts on a new topic each month. As they share powerful stories from their experiences working on the front lines, they highlight the ways each of us can get involved to protect our families and communities as champions. For the month of March, we are excited to share a special message of hope and encouragement for friends with disabilities.

Tune in next week, March 9, 2022, when we will release a conversation with pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton about being unstoppable.

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Champions for the Disabled: A Message from Nick Vujicic
In the “Champions for the Disabled” message, Nick Vujicic speaks directly to the disabled community and offers a word of encouragement and compassion. When you spell out disabled D-I-S-A-B-L-E-D, and you put GO in front of that, it spells GOD IS ABLED. Even when God does not make sense, He says, “Trust Me.” As a part of our 2022 campaign for Champions for the Brokenhearted each month, Nick offers hope and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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