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Everyone needs prayer…and we want to pray for you.
If you’d like to pray for others, please read the prayer requests below and click “I Prayed for This.”

Prayer Requests

Please send us your prayer requests by clicking on the button below. Your request can be public, anonymous, or completely private. Whatever you prefer, our staff will pray for you.

Please pray for my mother and brother in law to be able to come soon to America from Europe.
Lavinia posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
Pray for my son Abel, he turned three in September, and still only speaks a few words. Pray with me for God to open his mind, his throat and his tongue for him to speak. Also for him to listen to me and not disobey. And for him to be healthy, smart and to find God when he is young.
Lavinia posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
Please pray for a miracle healing as I have an incurable sickness. Pray for the reversal of all health issues, and for strong health provision and restoration of me and my husband’s health. For the treatment including injections to cure without pain or side effects. No complications or flare ups at all! It will be better if I don’t need any medications or treatments. I want to get well and live longer!!! Pray for me and my husband’s sore throat and cough to go away! No covid or long covid. For all our organs to function normally, live longer without pain, and no suffering for me and my husband. Abundant blessings, wisdom, protection, peace and prosperity!
Joy posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 1 times
-Please keep me strongly in prayer. I am trying to find a lawyer to fix my past legal issues, that weren't done right. Please pray for the Lord’s favor, that I can have it sealed and destroyed due to recent law changes in my favor (Amen, God is good). Pray that this does not affect my career and my overall life. In the meanwhile…pray for the background check I need to get done for my current job, that all goes well in my favor. -Please pray for my daughter, as she is struggling academically in college. She is under lot of stress. -Please pray for my marriage, as its going downhill. We are trying to get therapy. -Please pray for my wife’s weight issue, she's been struggling with her health and over all weight. -Please pray for my older daughter and my wife, their relationship with each other. -Pray for my younger daughter, pray that I can start helping at her school. -Pray for my addictions and struggle for God. -Pray for the VA disability case I appealed for. That everything goes well with my appointments and case, and I get fully approved.
Anonymous posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
Please pray for my family's salvation, and for passing the board to become a professional teacher. Pray for all my friends of the Masbate province.😇 Thank you so much and God bless.
Ma. posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 1 times
Please pray for me to get to know Jesus more, I want to submit to Him and work for His glory. Amen.
Anonymous posted October 4 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
Please pray that I succeed in my real estate career. It’s been a tough yea,r I only sold one house. My sister and I are doing it together. Please keep us in your prayers. Also pray that I find someone Godly.
Anonymous posted October 3 2022 · Prayed for 1 times
Please pray for my business, a financial breakthrough, good health and to get married. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you.
Anonymous posted October 3 2022 · Prayed for 1 times
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