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Everyone needs prayer…and we want to pray for you.
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Prayer Requests

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Lord Jesus clean and deliver my family members from any assignment, agent or plans of Jezebel's spirit that try to control the mind and thoughts of our family members. Uncover Jezebel's spirit. God disconnect us from any agreement, covenant, fellowship or relationship. Help my family, God.
Prayer posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 4 times
God help me to discern what is from God and what is demonic. Interpret the activity I am seeing by Your Spirit. Tap into what God is doing in and through me. Manifest breakthroughs for myself and others. I desire to walk in greater knowledge, understanding, and effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.
'Anonymous' posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 4 times
Please pray for me, I am going through so much right now. My three and six year old children were taken from me recently. I have been on drugs, I have mental health problems and I also am in love with a man who has two sides, mean and the nicest person in the world. But it seems like all I get is the mean side. I can’t take all of this stress and pressure at one time, I’m also trying to write my life story so maybe I can save others from doing things that made my life fall apart. Thanks so much, your prayers are much needed.
Cherie posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 5 times
Please pray that God gives me strength to trust him and his plans for me. Give me strength to accept his will.
Mary posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 5 times
Gain confidence and hope for my financial future. Experience greater peace. Renew ability to hear God for my finances. Increase my awareness of biblical financial principles and what it means to receive financial blessings. Feel freedom to go and do what God is calling me to do. Expand my storehouses so I can help more people.
'Anonymous' posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 4 times
Lord, I have a few prayer points. 1: I continue to pray for physical health restoration, along with emotional and spiritual healing and growth for me. 2: I continue to pray for the restoration of my friendship with Tom, I miss him a lot. I love and care deeply for him. Division among believers is not of You Lord but of the enemy. 3: Continued prayers for the salvation of my immediate and extended family members who are not Christians. They need You now! Lord, please draw me closer to You...
Selena posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 9 times
Train me Holy Spirit to be a spiritual warfare, prophetic prayer sharp shooter. Holy Spirit let me grow in joy and peace.
'Anonymous' posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 5 times
I need guidance because I have repented of my sins of my self-esteem, an eating disorder and thoughts of not being good enough to even live.
Ellen posted September 23 2021 · Prayed for 8 times
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