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Everyone needs prayer…and we want to pray for you.
If you’d like to pray for others, please read the prayer requests below and click “I Prayed for This.”

Prayer Requests

Please send us your prayer requests by clicking on the button below. Your request can be public, anonymous, or completely private. Whatever you prefer, our staff will pray for you.

Pray that God forgives my sins, and that I get the financial assistance from pch, search in June/early July for physical therapy.
Kelli posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Please pray for my son, Aaron. To lift his depression, anxiety, loneliness, exclusion, and no job or faith.
Julie posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 1 times
Please pray for Berina from Sweden, she is into dark magic.
Anonymous posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 2 times
Matthew 6:33 Please pray for me to start a thriving, great testimony ministry, and establish golden connections in my generation. God bless, Tony
ANTONIO posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
I don't know where to start,I lost my dear aunty to covid of this month, the 7th of June, and her only son, my cousin Bro is fighting for his life, he too is covid positive, 80% lungs damaged. But I know with all the prayer support from you all he can fight against all odds and get through it. There's nothing God can't do, right? Please, please remember my dear Bro, he's mentally sick as well with the loss of his dear mother, it hit him so bad. But please I know with everyones prayers Jesus will gives a miracle in my Bro's life... Please pray for him. Please please... Please.. Please. Thanking you all in advance.
Martha posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Please pray for me to get a new and better job.
Mina posted June 13 2021 · Prayed for 1 times
Hi, I am Shawon. Please pray for my wife and my mother in law. For it's my fault they don’t communicate with me. I apologized to them, but still they don’t talk to me. Especially pray for my wife. I want her back.
Shawon posted June 12 2021 · Prayed for 1 times
Let me experience all God has for me and my family—with greater levels of healing, breakthrough and authority. A new life filled with overflowing peace, freedom and spiritual refreshment.
'Anonymous' posted June 12 2021 · Prayed for 3 times
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