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Prayer Requests

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I've been seeking wisdom and representation, as well as truth regarding a legal matter I am in. I have done my due diligence, as I pray and seek His face, using my weapons of warfare, and I am asking for prayer because I am exhausted. I believe it is time to Rest in Christ, and I find it hard to do. Please God, help me overcome these feelings of despair.
Laura posted May 20 2022 · Prayed for 5 times
I have been mentally struggling with ptsd and need Gods strength and direction to guide me in His ways.
Anonymous posted May 20 2022 · Prayed for 4 times
Please pray for a miracle healing as I have an incurable sickness. Pray for the reversal of all health issues and strong health provision. Restoration of my health . For the injection to cure without pain or side effects. It will be better if I don’t need any medications or treatments. I want to get well and live longer!!!
Joy posted May 20 2022 · Prayed for 5 times
My girlfriend Fabiola and I have begun a 21-day inner healing journey to heal from our childhood and previous relationship traumas. Please, cover both of us in prayer that we will grow closer to God and each other during this time. That any open doors from previous relationships, generational sins, or things in our bodies that will pass on to the next generation will all be removed, shut, and sealed by the blood of Jesus. Let this journey transform both of us completely and fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. I pray for God’s provision and hands to be over us. That the angels will protect us from any harm and danger 24/7/365. I rebuke all evil spirits of fear, confusion, anxiety, sadness, depression, sickness, accident, pain, trauma, and death to not affect any of us and our families. I apply the blood of Jesus over our lives and receive God’s peace, joy, clarity, happiness, grace, and love. P.S. In this book right after the introduction, it goes into surrendering your life to Jesus. I can’t wait for Fabi to get to that point and make that decision. Please include this as well.
Monish posted May 19 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
I had a 9 year old child back in 2016 who was taken from me and now is gone from my life forever. Had a baby in 2018 who is now 4 years old and was taken from me a few months ago. I wonder if I'll ever see her again. I've been homeless on and off for years, but finally found an apartment last year. Instead of being able to enjoy my new housing and lifestyle (with a stable roof over my head), several of my neighbors have decided to band together and bully me mercilessly. I am constantly under attack, either verbally or physically. One of my neighbors put nails under my tires last week to try and sabotage my vehicle. A few nights ago, another neighbor was pounding on my doors and windows and ringing my doorbell for hours and they shouted profanity through the door and yelled threats at me before I finally had to call the police. I'm constantly having to deal with vehicle issues and never have peace of mind when driving anywhere. One of my children had a medical condition. I have a few medical conditions. The "system" has been harassing me, badgering me, tormenting me, picking on me, shaming me, bullying me, and making me jump through endless hoops for the last 6 years. They just stay on my back and keep dogging me and hounding me month after month, and year after year. I don't think I can take another minute of it, let alone another month or another year. My family refuses to speak to me. They want nothing to do with me. My family has rejected and abandon me for years despite repeated attempts at mending and repairing relationships. I can't make a friend to save my life, because my current neighbors seem to have an obsession with bullying me, antagonizing me, and terrorizing me. I now have to look for a new apartment, on top of everything else (and I feel like I just settled in here). The housing waiting lists are long, but I am applying everywhere, at different properties. A couple of them have already contacted me to go through a screening or intake process to see if I qualify for their housing, but my current landlord refuses to cooperate and fill out the Landlord Reference form. She only completed 3 questions out of maybe 20, so the application process cannot move forward because the prospective landlord needs the Reference form completely filled out. My current landlord refuses to return phone calls or respond to emails thereby delaying the whole process. I have been wearing the same glasses for almost 20 years and they are literally falling apart. The lenses pop out constantly and I have to put them back in the frames, but the frames are being held together with paperclips that constantly loosen. One of the arms of my glasses is being held onto the frame with tape. I can't even read signs from as far away as I used to. I'm sure my prescription has changed for the worse. I haven't been to the dentist in probably 20 years or longer. Even though I try to maintain good dental hygiene, I have developed some toothaches and other gum problems. I have health insurance, but it is so limited. It does not cover dental or vision. It's been one thing after another. I take two steps forward, but get knocked back 10. I accomplish one good thing, but then 9 other things blow up in my face. One train wreck after another after another. I attempted suicide a few times when I was younger - I really, really wish it had worked one of those times. Ha, I can't even commit suicide properly. I have been thinking a lot lately that I should have been an abortion. I wish my mother had aborted me. There are so many millions of precious babies aborted every year and their lives could have really made a difference in the world. Their lives could have mattered. They could have had good lives and spread the Word. I wish I could have been aborted in place of any one of those precious lives that are lost to abortion each day. My life has been a complete and total waste, meanwhile babies are being cut up and discarded like trash - that should have been me. I am, by no means, a Job or Moses or Paul, and I am not even being tested. I am being annihilated piece by piece. There's almost nothing left of me. I am almost no more.
Pamela posted May 19 2022 · Prayed for 2 times
Pray to help me learn how to get closer to God.
William posted May 19 2022 · Prayed for 3 times
Please could you pray that Jon will no longer put martial arts first but return to God wholeheartedly.
Anonymous posted May 19 2022 · Prayed for 3 times
Please could you pray that Jon's heart will soften and that we will be reconciled this week. Thank you.
Anonymous posted May 19 2022 · Prayed for 3 times
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