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Everyone needs prayer…and we want to pray for you.
If you’d like to pray for others, please read the prayer requests below and click “I Prayed for This.”

Prayer Requests

Please send us your prayer requests by clicking on the button below. Your request can be public, anonymous, or completely private. Whatever you prefer, our staff will pray for you.

Lord Jesus, we welcome You in our homes, lives and hearts, visit us today. Let us feel power your presence in us. Holy spirit takeover my mind and thoughts.
Lado posted October 26 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
God charge our battery. Lord Jesus give us power of prayer.
'Anonymous' posted October 26 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Can you continue to pray for my son Savo, who is finishing off his HSC this year? For favor, and that he come to know his calling. Give him direction and peace and healing over his life. That his school makes the right decisions for him due to his current circumstances, and that he gets the right marks and results to pass. That Savo will work at the local chicken place to get experience and money, and he gets into acting and apply's for scholarships in that field. May he have supernatural breakthroughs in all areas of his life. May he know that God has put him here for a purpose, and he have divine encounters with god and the right people in his life. He is currently connected with a girl in LA, USA. Show them both if this relationship is right. Pray that I have favor with god, blessings and healings, for hubby Vlad too, and my son Dimi, as well as encounters and blessings for my extended family, my mum, brothers and sister, blessings and healing.
Anonymous posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
God give us a fresh vision for Your plan, let us feel Your Holy Spirit.
'Anonymous' posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Praise the Lord, things are starting to happen please. Continue to pray for revival in the organization where we work. We know Jesus is stronger but the forces of evil don't give up easily. Thank you prayer warriors for your prayers, blessed be the name of our precious Lord and Savior. You have put us in this spiritual battle and we know its far from finished, but Lord we trust you will continue to fight this battle till the end. IJNWP. Amen.
Anonymous posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Please pray, the bad board member resigns (DW) and let peace return to our community.
DD posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
Bring any kind of happiness and take away all evil according to God's will.
Debra posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
I'm saved and very overweight with high blood sugar and cholesterol. Please pray God will give me the motivation and the strength to exercise and eat healthy. Pray God will provide the finances I need to afford healthy food.
Steven posted October 25 2021 · Prayed for 0 times
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