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Everyone needs prayer…and we want to pray for you.
If you’d like to pray for others, please read the prayer requests below and click “I Prayed for This.”

Prayer Requests

Please send us your prayer requests by clicking on the button below. Your request can be public, anonymous, or completely private. Whatever you prefer, our staff will pray for you.

I have been struggling with crippling stress and anxiety for months now. I鈥檝e had anxiety all of my life, but never got any help in managing it. I had a traumatic experience this past year that has brought me to my breaking point and I've been looking into finally getting the help I need. Please pray that God blesses me with healing, guidance, and forgiveness. And that He puts me on a path towards people who can help me, and who can bring me closer to Him 馃檹馃徎
Anonymous posted December 1 2020 路 Prayed for 2 times
As I鈥檓 in my last year at university I want God to help me with strength to finish and not let anything distract me. I鈥檓 praying for a laptop in God鈥檚 name.
Michael posted December 1 2020 路 Prayed for 3 times
I would like prayer for my 25 year old son who's addicted to shooting meth. Please pray for the salvation of his soul, and that his desire for drugs goes away, and joy, peace, love and complete happiness will flow through his veins.. Also prayer for me as I am heartbroken. .
Kimberly posted December 1 2020 路 Prayed for 2 times
Please pray for my daughter Hsather who is hurting emotionally and needs a job.
Anonymous posted December 1 2020 路 Prayed for 3 times
I have been struggling with despair and resignation over some trials and things I have been suffering with. Please pray that the Lord will restore and teach me to hope again, and look to the future with joy and hope, because for a long while now thinking about the future is painful for me because I lack hope in it. Thank you.
Victoria posted December 1 2020 路 Prayed for 3 times
Please can you pray for me I am being attacked by the satan and his army, and Muslims on a daily basis.聽I have been a victim of domestic violence by muslims and am trying to break free, but they keep sending me spiritual attacks through dark forces.聽I also have a court case on 04/12/2020 with the attackers.聽Please can you pray for me to be free from fear, and have strength and courage to stand up for myself, and also please can you send me protection from satan and dark forces. In Christ Jesus Name.聽Amen.聽Thank you so much for your prayers and support.
Aneela posted November 30 2020 路 Prayed for 2 times
My newborn is in the hospital for observation. Please pray for her that she gets well soon.
Anonymous posted November 30 2020 路 Prayed for 4 times
Please pray the company officer releases the company charge on me, and my career is restored, now. I'm facing financial problems due to the charge on my career and debt. Lord I need a breathe and guidance.
Joshua posted November 30 2020 路 Prayed for 3 times
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